Day: December 19, 2015

vegan gluten free nanaimo bars

vegan + gluten free nanaimo bars

As someone who has tried and failed (a lot) at creating baked goods that cater to all of my friends’ dietary needs, it is my humble baking opinion that there are many things that just cannot be both gluten free and vegan. Often times, a gluten free recipe really needs an egg for the fat, moisture and rise that it provides, and a vegan substitute just won’t do. This is why bakeries aren’t often lined with pastries/breads that are both gluten free AND vegan. I’m happy to report that this problem does not apply to these nanaimo bars. These are a no bake bar, so they are pretty easily transformed into a delicious gluten free and vegan dessert to please all of your gluten/dairy intolerant or vegan friends (insert joke about vegans not having friends because they are no fun…). This recipe also has some wiggle room: if you’re looking for a more granular texture to the base, akin to what graham cracker crumbs would provide, you can subĀ in some ground almonds for the sorghum …