Day: January 17, 2016

vegan vegetarian chili

vegetarian chili

I love making chili. It’s something you can make out of standard fridge + pantry items (beans + canned tomatoes, onions, spices), and it’s a hella cozy meal in the dead of winter. I firmly believe that chili should be really thick, and you should have something to dip into it. Unfortunately we didn’t time our sourdough baking this weekend with the making of this chili, so I completely undermined my own chili principles :O . I also really wanted to make chili because we are trying to get better at planning our meals, making extras to freeze, and making more stuff from scratch. One aspect of scratch cooking that I’ve always been bad at is beans. There’s nothing complicated about cooking beans from scratch, I just hardly ever think ahead to do it. It’s incredibly economical, plus you can cook them and freeze large amounts of them so you always have them on hand. For this recipe I soaked 1/2 cup each of dried black + kidney beans, and black eyed peas overnight, cooked them in fresh water for about 30 minutes and they were good …