Day: March 9, 2016

vegan and gluten free moroccan hummus

moroccan style hummus

Hummus seems like one of those straightforward things that doesn’t require a recipe. And I agree… for the most part. I like to think of this as less of a recipe and more of a guide, with a couple tips and tricks to lead you to your best hummus yet. So you want to serve a hummus that doesn’t get neglected with the crudites? The first step is ridding it of the skins: they are the biggest obstacle in achieving that super smooth texture. The trick? Cooking the chickpeas from scratch with a bit of baking soda makes the skins separate really easily from the pea. I learned this methodĀ from Yotam Ottolenghi, whose cookbook Jerusalem is frequently in use in our house. Besides the spectacular food, the book is full of interesting stories about food and culture in Israel. It makes me want to visit the country, even if just to eat at a hummuseria or two (yeah, a restaurant dedicated to making hummus, FREAKING SIGN ME UP). The second step to your best hummus …