Month: October 2016

vegetarian vegan pan bagnat

turkish inspired pan bagnat

I know, a sandwich. What a terribly mundane idea for a blog post. BUT. This sandwich is different, I swear. I wrestle with myself over recipe ideas all the time, thinking “it’s been done” or “it’s boring” or “who needs a recipe for that?” or “how interesting could a vegetarian sandwich be without cheese?!”. This blog is supposed to represent foods that I like to eat regularly; sandwiches definitely fall into that category, so I unashamedly present to you my take on a pan bagnat.┬áPeople have this idea in mind that vegetarian/vegan food is supremely bland or uninteresting; while that may be true of some stuff, I hope this sandwich proves otherwise. When I think about food options that I wish existed in Kingston, this type of food comes to mind. I want something fairly wholesome, inexpensive, with a lot of flavour. I was flipping through Sarah B‘s cookbook and saw the pan bagnat, which is basically a Nicoise salad on a bun. The name┬átranslates to ‘bathed bread’, because all the flavours soak into the …