Month: May 2017

vegan bagel fattoush with fava beans

everything bagel fattoush with fava beans

As a result of our continued¬†eagerness to spend time outside, we grilled our dinner on the deck one night last week, each wrapped in a blanket huddled next to the BBQ. The weather here hasn’t been terribly chilly, but after spending so much time soaking up the sun on vacation I became accustomed to walking around in birks and shorts, no sweaters in sight. I can’t wait to sit on the deck with a cold radler, eat dinner straight off the grill, and relax while the warm sun fades to dusk and my new twinkly patio lights blend in with the starry night. This recipe came about as an attempt to use up a few things that have been lingering in the fridge a little bit too long. Even though I had used them for a few recipes, I still had leftover turnip, radishes, and half a pomegranate counting down the days til their demise. Rounded out by the sourdough bagels I had stashed in the freezer and the ever abundant mint and lemon balm …

vegan artichoke penne with leeks and ricotta

artichoke and leek penne with ricotta

Seems the April showers are a bit delayed this year, but I really don’t mind. I love the gloomy grey skies, getting to wear big boots and my bright yellow rain jacket, and how fresh all the rain makes the air feel. Plus it definitely helped our garden along: I came back from a week-long family vacation in the Dominican Republic only to discover some giant rhubarb, loads of mint and lemon balm, and some asparagus and garlic sprouting out of the earth! There still isn’t much in the way of local produce yet, but the few ingredients for this meal feel fresh and bright like a spring meal should. The bright pops of colour from asparagus and arugula¬†mimic our surroundings, the greenery slowly emerging from its winter hibernation. We are definitely looking forward to more abundant farmers’ markets and the (small) bounty that awaits us in our very own backyard. Happy spring time friends! artichoke and leek penne with ricotta (vegetarian, vegan) serves 2 380 g whole grain penne salt 6 asparagus stalks, trimmed …