Day: June 10, 2017

asparagus nettle shiitake pizza

asparagus, nettle, and shiitake pizza

Real talk: this was a spur of the moment post, which is not usually how I roll. I have a few ideas sketched out for this month, but as this week was rolling along I wasn’t feeling motivated to work on any of them. But it just sort of happened organically, one of those situations where what I have in the fridge also happens to be seasonal and also jives with a bookmarked recipe I’ve been meaning to try out. We’ve been picking up asparagus the past few weeks at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market┬ábecause I really can’t get enough of it, plus it’s such a short season that we might as well eat it while it’s at its peak.┬áThe last time we were there, I noticed that the first stall we passed on our way was selling nettles. I’ve seen and heard of them before, but had never used them. I struck up a conversation with the woman running the stall, who gave me very clear instructions on how to safely handle and prepare …