Hi there. I’m Courtney and I get warm fuzzy feelings about vegetables and dessert (most specifically, pie).

I love talking about food, reading about food, thinking and dreaming about food. I treasure moments standing over the stove in the dead of winter, walking through the market in the summer, and stopping to smell the roses herbs. One of the reasons I feel so passionate about fruits and vegetables is their natural beauty (and uniqueness: have you ever seen kohlrabi up close? Looks like something from space). I think they deserve to be celebrated for the incredible nutrition they provide, the moments they create (the satisfaction of having a garden or a few pots with some herbs, picking apples in an orchard on a crisp fall day, crouching under a sweltering sun just to have a few pints of fresh local strawberries, you know!), and the incredible dimension and colour they add to a meal. You don’t have to be vegetarian to appreciate how completely awesome fruits and vegetables are.

My eating style has consisted primarily of vegetables for a couple of years now, and I still feel like there’s a world of recipes that I haven’t tried. My eating / cooking style is constantly adapting to what makes me feel good and healthy, which also changes seasonally: basically I just want a sweet potato with every meal from October to March, and in the summer months a lot of yogurt and granola. I like to make things that appeal to my friends’ dietary restrictions, as well as mine and my partner’s ravenous appetites, so there will be a variety of recipes* here.

I also feel strongly about creating food that is accessible and affordable, because food insecurity is an issue that affects every community but is so often ignored or misunderstood. I think it’s pretty alarming that there is an abundance of food being produced, yet many people don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or are forced to feed themselves nutritionally-void processed foods because they are inexpensive and fast. I’m trying to take a slower approach to my meals, appreciating the time that goes in to making things from scratch, while valuing that time by incorporating more batch cooking into my routine.

I get excited about cooking for people that don’t like vegetables, because I think it is a great opportunity to do something besides the boiled-to-death-baby-carrots-with-salt-and-pepper routine (no wonder people begrudge eating their vegetables). I am really happy with the trend of vegetable-forward cooking mentality that many chefs are taking, as I think it’s one part of a many faceted solution to a more sustainable food system and healthier people. I want people to see vegetables as delicious in their own right and worthy of careful preparation, not as just an afterthought to a meal.

*in addition to recipes, there will also be some hippie dippie things like natural alternatives for the chemical things in your home, and probably some ramblings on whatever book I’m reading at the time 🙂

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