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Better baking: This category is named as such based on my love of Genevieve Ko’s book by the same title. My goal is to start relying less on white flours and incorporating more whole grain flours (local when possible), both for nutrition and for flavour. My philosophy of better baking is about finding ways to indulge while also being kind to my body; using more whole grains and less sugar means I can have dessert more often.

Healthier homemaking: The past few years have been a slow process of ridding our house of conventional cleaning products and personal care products, while moving toward finding non-toxic and more natural alternatives. This section of the blog is my dedication to making these products myself or finding brands I can trust that are transparent about what’s in their products. Better for our bodies and the environment!

Conscious cooking: This is definitely the most challenging part for me, as cooking doesn’t come as naturally to me as baking (I think it’s a different side of your brain or something). My cooking journey involves learning the seasonality of the foods we eat, how to grow my own food, and how to nourish my body with more vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, with a small amount of animal-based protein (mostly eggs and fish).

Ultimately what it comes down to: I’m trying to balance my intake of vegetables with my love of baking pie and bread 😉 

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