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fat goose craft fair

My pal Jessica and I have been meeting periodically for the past month or so to develop a menu for the Fat Goose Craft Fair. This was the collective’s 7th year running the craft show, and the displays were as incredible as ever. The collective aims to provide a space for local crafters to sell their work, while fostering a community for artists and creating access to high quality, locally made goods.

Jessica and I both love to feed people as a gesture of love (I’m terribly untalented on every other artistic front, so this is about all I can do). We are excited about the ways that food can build community through CSAs (community supported agriculture), farmers markets, community gardens, and engaging with other bakers/cooks/gardeners/friends.

As both of us face some food intolerance, we understand the feeling of going somewhere and knowing we can’t eat anything. Our approach for Fat Goose was to be accessible by providing options for people with various dietary restrictions or choices, so our menu was primarily vegan and gluten free, with a lot of overlap. Let me tell you, not always the easiest feat! But after some recipe testing and forcing our friends to eat the trial runs, we did it 🙂 It was definitely a unique experience being on the other side of the table, and it made Jessica and I both very happy to see people so excited to find treats that accommodated their diets.

Thanks again for the support from the community (and our friends for dealing with our stressed outbursts leading up to the event) xo

vegan gluten free biscotti

Vanilla + chai meringue cookies, and vegan gluten free gingerbread biscotti

vegan gluten free snickerdoodles

vegan gluten free snickerdoodles

fatgoose3 fatgoose4 fatgoose5 fatgoose6 fatgoose7 fatgoose8

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