breads + pastries
buckwheat banana bread
chocolate scones with coffee and cardamom
no knead whole wheat bread with vanilla chestnut jam
pistachio date olive oil loaf
s’more cookies
sourdough multigrain sandwich bread

gingerbread granola
savoury miso waffles
spring-y filo quiche

appeltaart (dutch apple pie)
bailey’s chocolate mousse and raspberry parfait
five spice pumpkin pie with spelt crust
fudgy rye walnut brownies
honey buttermilk pie
nanaimo bars
no bake goat cheesecake
raspberry rhubarb buckle cake
shrubarb pie
sourdough rhubarb crumb cake

dressings / dips / preserves
apple cider dressing
basic roasted red pepper sauce
moroccan-style hummus
strawberry and black pepper vinaigrette
sumac and pomegranate vinaigrette
vanilla chestnut jam

artichoke and leek penne with ricotta
hearts of palm tacos with cilantro lime crema
mushroom and lentil stew with olive oil biscuits
sourdough crepes with roasted squash and kale
tomato tart with balsamic roasted onions
turkish inspired pan bagnat
spelt collard rolls with roasted red pepper sauce

everything bagel fattoush with fava beans
fennel spelt salad with strawberry black pepper vinaigrette
warm winter salad with apple cider dressing

holiday nog (2 ways!)
iced green tea with citrus and herbs
iced oolong tea with saffron, cardamom, and honey
peach sumac shrub 
warming winter tonic

small bites + sides
maple braised fennel
socca with scallions, honeycomb and pine nuts 
spaghetti squash and greens casserole

moroccan-style hummus
one bowl banana oat bars
sourdough spelt crackers with fennel and cracked pepper

soups + stews
apple turnip soup
butternut squash soup with zhoug
chickpea walnut and pomegranate stew
spicy coconut and pineapple soup
split pea soup with roasted mushrooms
spring-y egg drop soup

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