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shrub-arb pie

rhubarb pie 3

The idea for this pie came about after seeing this cocktail on Twitter one day. I love rhubarb in all of its manifestations, whether sweet or savoury. I also love a good balsamic, so when I saw that cocktail I knew I had to combine the two in another format. This is a bit less sweet than your average pie, as I wanted the tartness of both the rhubarb and balsamic vinegar to stand out and not be overpowered by the sugar. We also had basil coming up in the garden when making this pie, and the subtle savoury/herb-y note works really well here.

Normally I use my 9″ pie pan, but I had a couple of these smaller aluminum pie pans around so I could practice making pie dough on a smaller scale. This recipe is for a 7″ pie, but you can scale up to whatever size pie you feel like.


shrub-arb pie (vegetarian, vegan)

serves 6-8

pie dough

2 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 c. earth balance or butter, cubed
3/4 c. water (adding 1 T at a time) + ice cubes


3 1/2 c. rhubarb, chopped
1 c. raspberries
a big pinch of finely chopped basil
1/4 c. tapioca starch
2 T balsamic vinegar
3 T honey OR maple syrup
non dairy milk + coarse sugar, for the crust

I’m still working on my pastry/pie technique, so I will leave detailed instructions for that on a later date. There are lots of helpful guidelines floating around the internet on how to make it 🙂

After your dough has chilled (preferably overnight), take it out on the counter and let it sit for a few minutes. In the mean time, combine all of the filling ingredients in a bowl and let the tapioca work its magic.

Unwrap your dough, and flour your work surface and rolling pin well. Roll out the dough, rotating as needed to maintain an even thickness, and add flour to avoid sticking to the counter. Place the dough over your pie pan, push into the bottom corners so that it’s tightly sealed, then place in the fridge to chill. At this point, you can roll out the second piece of dough and make a lattice or cut out fun shapes (if you are doing a double crust pie). You can do a single crust and crumble topping instead, though I generally prefer those for fall/wintry pies. 

Preheat the oven to 375 F (fan). Once the tapioca has created a bit of a syrup in the filling mixture, you can remove the pan from the freezer. Place the filling into the bottom crust, put on the top crust/lattice, and crimp the edges. Brush with the non-dairy milk (or an egg wash if you prefer), sprinkle on a generous pinch of sugar, and bake for 60-70 minutes, until the crust is golden and the filling is thick and bubbly (my charming friend Haeleigh likens it to snot). You can reduce the temperature after 25-30 minutes if your crust is browning too quickly.


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