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Cheese Amsterdam, Netherlands | Courtney Klumper Travel Writer and Photographer

an edible to-do list

I am the queen of to-do lists. It’s geeky, but I thrive on them. Pen to paper, the victorious satisfaction that comes with slowly letting the pen glide horizontally through the words I had so carefully written before. As an A-type personality, I love lists. That way, I can be prepared and know I didn’t miss anything. From a neatly folded grocery list tucked carefully in my pocket to a crisp sheet in my notebook at work, I consider lists to be an integral part of my life. When it came time to plan our brief jaunt to Europe in the fall of 2016, I didn’t have time to make a list before I left abruptly for France (I had signed up last minute to WWOOF at a farm–more on that another time). We didn’t plan much at all, except to meet up in Belgium after I was done at the farm, and then to continue on to the Netherlands two days later. I had some down time each day at the farm after my …