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vegan raspberry rhubarb buckle cake

raspberry rhubarb buckle

Normally this is the time of year when I’m so ready to bust out of my winter cocoon and flip on the extroverted switch. Usually I’m feeling so prepared to go out and socialize after months of hibernating, to host a BBQ, and plan some fun summery adventures. But I haven’t hit that mode yet. For the past while I’ve been more focused on looking inward rather than outward, trying to figure out how to feel healthier and happier.

vegan sourdough crumb cake

sourdough rhubarb crumb cake

My interest in bread baking continues to grow, which means I always have a hungry starter sitting on our kitchen counter. Most often I throw out the excess, but lately I’ve been daydreaming of other ways to use it: cinnamon buns, pancakes, muffins, banana bread, etc. A quickbread/cake seemed like an easy place to start, so when I saw this simple recipe for coffee cake it seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my sourdough baking horizons beyond bread! I initially had a REAL hard time playing around with this recipe. Even though the original is a great starting off point, I kept making changes because I am slowly trying to gravitate towards baking in a more wholesome way. Don’t get me wrong, I could never give up doughnuts or pies or the amazing focaccia at Pasta G; but since I like to have treats fairly often, I want them to be slightly better for me so I can have them more often. What that means for me is less sugar, trying to use more natural sweeteners, …

shrub-arb pie

The idea for this pie came about after seeing this cocktail on Twitter one day. I love rhubarb in all of its manifestations, whether sweet or savoury. I also love a good balsamic, so when I saw that cocktail I knew I had to combine the two in another format. This is a bit less sweet than your average pie, as I wanted the tartness of both the rhubarb and balsamic vinegar to stand out and not be overpowered by the sugar. We also had basil coming up in the garden when making this pie, and the subtle savoury/herb-y note works really well here. Normally I use my 9″ pie pan, but I had a couple of these smaller aluminum pie pans around so I could practice making pie dough on a smaller scale. This recipe is for a 7″ pie, but you can scale up to whatever size pie you feel like. shrub-arb pie (vegetarian, vegan) serves 6-8 pie dough 2 1/2 c. flour 1 tsp salt 2 tsp sugar 1 c. earth balance or butter, cubed 3/4 c. water …