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squash and greens casserole gluten free

spaghetti squash and greens casserole

The notes app on my phone is very organized with a title for each note, which I don’t think is a surprise based on my personality. We recently did a ‘True Colours’ personality test in one of my classes, and the results indicated that I am undoubtedly a ‘gold’ with some ‘blue’ attributes. What this boils down to is that I’m thorough, detail-oriented, punctual, and a good planner, while also being compassionate and empathetic. There’s a lot more to it than that, but it’s a very enlightening test that helps you to see why you interact with people and situations a certain way. It also demonstrates how the strengths and weaknesses of each colour can complement one another, which is something helpful to keep in mind whether you’re at work, doing group projects, or baffled as to how your partner can leave their laundry in such disarray…… Anyway speaking of notes on my phone: one day out of nowhere I felt a sudden compulsion to make some kind of creamy, cheesy casserole, so I scrambled …

tomato tart with balsamic roasted onions

tomato tart with balsamic roasted onions

This time of year, it take almost no time at all to compose a satisfying snack: a few slices of watermelon on the back deck, a juicy peach dribbling down my chin, a handful of blueberries on some homemade yogurt. On the savoury side of things, I’ve definitely been leaning heavily on thick slices of tomatoes from our CSA, a fat pinch of salt, some olive oil and balsamic, simple on some toasted sourdough. For breakfast or lunch I’ll add a poached egg, greens, avocado, goat cheese, maybe some grilled/sauteed veg if I’m feeling ambitious. It doesn’t take much to translate this simple late-summer snack into a meal. I think it’s best to not let things get too complicated flavour-wise or by the number of ingredients. Tomatoes, herbs, and cheese are a timeless trio, especially served up on any kind of carb-y vessel. A little seasoning, some roasted onions, and labneh transform these individual ingredients into a greater whole which totally sings of summer. I know it’s practically September, but there is still lots of …

fennel spelt salad strawberry vinaigrette

fennel spelt salad with strawberry black pepper vinaigrette

So there’s been a bit of a lapse since my last post.. and as I looked at the published date, I thought, a month? How did that even happen? It doesn’t really feel like we’ve even done much and then I look at my calendar and realize we’re sitting on August’s doorstep. Our summer seems to be flying by with a string of occasional weekends away (day trips to the county, cottaging and camping), dinner and drinks with friends, hanging out with family, and trying to spend time outside while the good weather lasts. I had a list (somewhere) of all the things I wanted us to do this summer. I always feel this burst of motivation to be more sociable and participate in more stuff in the summer, since we spend so much of the year bundled up inside. As we transition from July to August, I’ve been thinking about how these dreamy summer days are fleeting and that we haven’t checked enough things off of my list. Partially because we live in a …

vegan bagel fattoush with fava beans

everything bagel fattoush with fava beans

As a result of our continued eagerness to spend time outside, we grilled our dinner on the deck one night last week, each wrapped in a blanket huddled next to the BBQ. The weather here hasn’t been terribly chilly, but after spending so much time soaking up the sun on vacation I became accustomed to walking around in birks and shorts, no sweaters in sight. I can’t wait to sit on the deck with a cold radler, eat dinner straight off the grill, and relax while the warm sun fades to dusk and my new twinkly patio lights blend in with the starry night.

warm winter salad with apple cider dressing

warm winter salad with apple cider dressing

Happy Thursday! This hearty winter salad is a pretty great compromise to any healthy resolutions you might have made a couple weeks ago. It’s got your servings of veg covered as well as a bit of bread and cheese (#balance) so you can feel virtuous about starting the new year off right, while not feeling entirely limited to green juices (but if you thrive on those, more power to ya). Particularly in the dark days of winter, I think we could all benefit from a little more colour in our meals on occasion: not only from the wide array of vitamins and minerals, but also to brighten our spirits because we still have a lot of winter ahead of us. Fortunately even winter produce provides an enticing colour spectrum, from red and yellow beets, orange-hued squashes, vividly purple cabbages, deep green brussels sprouts and kale. I think it’s good to find a balance between the bright, energizing foods as well as the simple home-y staples like oatmeal, rice bowls, and good bread. I’ve ramped up …

vegetarian socca

socca with scallions, honeycomb and pine nuts

Much like everyone else in the world, I am hooked on the American presidential campaign. I have this page bookmarked and check it pretty much every day to see what’s happening with our neighbours to the south. Most of my recommended videos on Youtube right now consist of election-related stuff (…and bread baking). This speech by Seth Meyers (side note: man, I miss him on the Weekend Update) at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner back in 2011 gave me a few good laughs! It seems making fun of Donald Trump is a tradition that will span the ages. On a more grim note, the reality of him clinching the Republican nomination seems almost inevitable at this point, with twice as many delegates as Ted Cruz and John Kasich combined. Speaking of delegates, if the American voting process baffles you slightly (I took an entire seminar on it and still find it confusing at times), this article breaks it down to the basics. While catching up on the latest primary results, I came across this article from the Washington Post back in September, …

maple braised fennel

maple braised fennel + maple madness

March is all about maple, at least in Canada and the northern United States, since it is the season to start tapping the maple trees! We went to the sugar bush a couple weeks ago for Maple Madness; we lucked out with really nice weather to witness the old and new ways of transforming sap into the beautiful golden syrup we know and love. I wanted to make a savoury recipe featuring maple syrup since I feel like I’ve drifted toward a lot of dessert/snack recipes. Not that I don’t love those things, but I lately I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate and candy (thanks Easter bunny)! With spring on our doorstep, I want to get into a savoury recipe mindset since we’ll soon be surrounded by lots of local fresh produce 🙂   This has all the requirements of a great side dish: it’s fast, easy, and has few ingredients. maple braised fennel (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) serves 2-3 1 large fennel bulb, large stalks removed (leave base in tact) 2 tablespoons olive oil freshly ground black pepper …