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Weekend Outdoor Adventures in Eastern Ontario

chasing waterfalls: a sunday drive in ontario’s highlands

The problem of Luke and I feeling restless on a quiet weekend morning is usually remedied with that classic old routine of a Sunday drive. Often without a particular destination in mind, we roll along country roads outside Kingston while admiring the limestone farmhouses and casually grazing animals to the soundtrack of the CBC’s ‘Choral Concert.’ Are you shaking your head at us yet? There is such a thing as TOO much whimsy. One of these drives a couple weeks ago continued past Wilton’s famous cheese factory until we cruised into a neighbouring community–the type of hamlet to which the ‘blink and you miss it’ adage usually applies. In the case of Yarker, a quick peripheral glance to one side reveals a cascading waterfall and incredible rock face. This dot on the map, which is home to about 800 people, is hushed on the Sunday afternoon that we drive through it. There isn’t a soul in sight as we make our way up a sloping hill towards this pedestrian path, a section of the Cataraqui …

Cheese Amsterdam, Netherlands | Courtney Klumper Travel Writer and Photographer

an edible to-do list

I am the queen of to-do lists. It’s geeky, but I thrive on them. Pen to paper, the victorious satisfaction that comes with slowly letting the pen glide horizontally through the words I had so carefully written before. As an A-type personality, I love lists. That way, I can be prepared and know I didn’t miss anything. From a neatly folded grocery list tucked carefully in my pocket to a crisp sheet in my notebook at work, I consider lists to be an integral part of my life. When it came time to plan our brief jaunt to Europe in the fall of 2016, I didn’t have time to make a list before I left abruptly for France (I had signed up last minute to WWOOF at a farm–more on that another time). We didn’t plan much at all, except to meet up in Belgium after I was done at the farm, and then to continue on to the Netherlands two days later. I had some down time each day at the farm after my …

Visit Dahlia May Flower Farm in the Bay of Quinte for local farm grown flowers.

lost among the blossoms: a trip to dahlia may flower farm

I have never really thought of myself as a ‘flower person’. I used to wonder why giving them was a gesture of adoration, sympathy, friendship, or welcome. They are, by their very nature, only temporary, their beauty fleeting from the moment they are cut. Fresh cut flowers just didn’t really make sense to me as being symbolic of anything long-lasting. I’m not really sure what changed, but I have recently become enamoured with them:┬átheir delicate aromas gently floating through a breeze, the preciousness, holding them firm but gentle as though you were cradling a newborn baby. My recent obsession (and my new job) led to my discovery of Dahlia May Flower Farm, just north of Trenton on a gravel road in the gently rolling hills of the Quinte countryside. As we walked up, my eyes were immediately drawn to the quaint farm stand, enveloped in stacks of florals, herbs and ferns. Stepping inside revealed beautifully arranged pots lining the small walls of the stand, an intimate space made comfortable by the welcoming smiles of the …